Delani Hulme-Lawrence sailing her Clagett granted 2.4mR

Team Clagett

2020 Update

The concept of putting together Team Clagett was to send a group of top Clagett sailors to the 2.mR World Championships in Tampa, FL in November 2020. The members of Team Clagett would have been chosen based on the top three disabled finishers at The Clagett Regatta in Newport, RI, plus the next highest placing boat grant recipient.

Since we were not able to have the regatta this year, and had the Championships been able to go forward, our team would have been Peter Eagar (Toronto, ON, CN), Matt Koblenzer (Key Largo, FL, USA), Siobhan MacDonald (Mabou, NS, CN) and Delani Hulme-Lawrence (Saint Paul, AB, CN) based on last year's (2019) Clagett Regatta finishes. These sailors would have been coached by Marek Valasek (Geneva Lake, WI, USA).

We are all looking forward to having The Clagett Regatta in 2021 and we look forward to selecting members of Team Clagett and learning where and when the next championships will be! 


Team Clagett is an exciting new program, established in 2020, as a means of providing selected sailors the opportunity to experience training and racing at elite sailing events.

Team Clagett builds upon The Clagett’s Boat Grant Program, by providing places for up to four sailors who compete in the 2.4mR class at The Clagett Regatta in Newport with funds to attend and compete at the 2020 2.4mR World Championships and 2.4mR Para World Championships.


Team Clagett DETAILS


  • The Clagett Regatta, from September 1-6th in Newport, R.I., is the 2020 Team Clagett qualifying event.
  • The top three scoring 2.4 mR competitors with a disability, plus the next highest scoring 2.4 mR Clagett Boat Grant Program recipient competitor, will qualify for a place on Team Clagett.
  • Team Clagett will provide financial, including a team coach and coach boat, and other support to attend the 2.4mR World Championships and 2.4mR Para World Championships in Tampa, Florida, USA from November 7-13, 2020. 
  • All Team Clagett members shall have a current Para Sailing classification of minimum impairment. Members of Team Clagett who wish to compete in the Para World Championships shall comply with the para classification requirements of that event.
  • Only North American Sailors, including U.S. territories, are eligible for 2020 Team Clagett.
  • If Team Clagett members have outside sponsorship please check with for any branding conflict. 

First Reserve

  • The first reserve is the next highest finishing Para Sailor after the first three that qualify for Team Clagett. Should one of the Team Clagett members find themselves unable to attend for personal or medical reasons, the first reserve will be eligible to be a member of Team Clagett.
  • The deadline date for any member of Team Clagett to step down is October 1, 2020.
  • The first reserve should make themselves available to attend the 2.4mR World Championships and 2.4mR Para World Championships until the deadline date of October 1, 2020.

Covered Expenses and Team Gear

  • Team Clagett members will receive an agreed upon amount of money to go towards regatta expenses.
  • Members of Team Clagett can use awarded funds for transport, housing and regatta logistics in general.
  • Members of Team Clagett will also receive branded gear. They will be expected to wear this gear at the 2.4mR World Championships and 2.4mR Para World Championships. Team Clagett members will also be expected to apply and race with a Clagett Insignia on their 2.4mR sails and bows, as permitted by the OA.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. Team Clagett is limited to sailors with a current para classification of minimum disability.

A: Only North American sailors (Canada, Mexico and the U.S., including U.S. territories) are eligible to be on Team Clagett.

A: Classification will be available at The Clagett Regatta in September of 2020.

A: No, you must participate and attend the full Clagett Regatta: Clinic days September 1-3. Race days September 4-6, 2020.

A: No. You must be present at the Awards Ceremony to be a member of Team Clagett.

A: Financial support will be determined by a budget created by The Clagett Regatta to send the four team members and a coach to the 2.4mR Open Worlds in Tampa, FL.

A: Yes, Team Clagett will have a coach and a coach boat at the 2.4mR Open Worlds.

A: Team Clagett support can go towards, but is not limited to, transport costs, hotels, food costs and regatta logistics in general.

A: You will be expected to represent The Clagett Regatta, and exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship both on and off the water. You will be expected to wear the provided Clagett gear and sail with Clagett branding on the 2.4mRs hull and mainsail. You will be expected to attend and compete in the 2.4mR World Championships and 2.4mR Para World Championships in Florida in November of 2020 with Team Clagett.

A: If one of the top three finishing qualified competitors is unable to participate in Team Clagett the next top qualifying finisher, referred to as the first reserve, in the 2.4mR fleet will be on Team Clagett.

A: For 2020 Team Clagett eligibility is limited to competitors in the 2.4mR class.

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2.4mRs sailing at the 2019 Clagett Regatta

Team Members

Team Clagett members will be listed below as they are established.


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