A photo of tables at The Clagett Fundraiser in 2016

2020 Clagett Regatta Fundraiser

The Luck of the Draw

June 19 - 23, 2020

The Luck of the Draw is the first in a series of three exciting new fundraisers HOSTED BY THE CLAGETT REGATTA this summer. 

From everyone at The Clagett,  Thank you!

The Luck of the Draw fundraiser was an amazing success and has raised $4,070.00 with 65 submissions created into artworks! 

A huge thank you goes out to the committee of artists who created the amazing artwork taking inspiration from what each donor submitted.

Thank you for choosing to support The Clagett's mission!

Gallery of Artworks

The photos below are a sample, and do not emcompass every submission.

Click to view a larger image:

Artists Include:

Thank you to our volunteer artists for their creations!

Alex Adams

Josh Backer

Carol Barrow

Chuck Bolduc

Chris Duncan

PD Duncan

Erin Howe

Pat, Janice and Colleen Kennedy

Trice Kilroy

Eli Klik

Heather Mason

Susan McCarthy

Kylie, David, Max and Cam McCollough

Stephanie McLennan

Judy McLennan

Victoria Mele

Bettie Sarantos

Ella Stookey

Ellinor Walters

Liz Walters



WHAT IS IT? : The Luck of the Draw is part game, part artistic expression, all supporting The Clagett's mission!

The Clagett Fundraiser Committee has selected a wide variety of artists to draw your boat from a photo, or draw an interpretation of your boat from the name alone (whether that boat is real or imaginary). You might end up with a masterpiece, or a doodle, but no matter what you will be supporting The Clagett Regatta's mission.

Follow the steps below to participate, good luck!


Step 1: Participants make a donation using the form. We suggest a donation of $20 for this activity, or please feel free to enter any donation amount your wish to support The Clagett sailors by using the form below!

Step 2: Once the donation is processed, participants will receive email instructions telling them how to submit one of the following: a photo of their boat, the name of their boat, or what their boat name would be.

Step 3: The Clagett Fundraising Committee has a fantastic line up of local artists, from professionals to hobbyists and total amateurs! All of the artists are all eager to express their nautical artistry skills. Artists are encourage to create a piece of art, which could be anything from a drawing to a sculpture.

Once the boat name or photo is submitted, an artist will be chosen at random to create artwork from the inspiration submitted. Artists can use mixed media, and will only have what has been submitted by the donor from which to draw inspiration.

Step 4: As artists complete their nautical masterpieces they will be posted on The Clagett's social media pages. 

Step 5: A digital copy of the masterpiece creation will be emailed individually to the donor at the end of the event (by the end of the week, June 27th). 

FOR WHOM: The Luck of the Draw is open to anyone who wishes to participate! Whether you have a boat or not! 

TIMELINE:  The Luck of the Draw will open for submissions on the morning of Friday June 19th, and stay opened through Tuesday June 23nd.

The Clagett's artists will endeavour to get everyone a digital copy of their boats as soon as possible, with the drawings posted on The Clagett's social media pages. A digital copy of the drawing will also be emailed individually to the donor at the end of the event (by the end of the week June 27th).

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please email cmr@clagettregatta.org.

Please note, all submissions are subject to being posted on Clagett Regatta social media pages. If you do not wish for your submission to be posted please make us aware.

Luck of the Draw Donation Form

Submissions have closed for 2020's Luck of the Draw. Thank you for your participation!

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