Delani Hulme-Lawrence sailing her Clagett granted 2.4mR

Boat Grant Program

About the Program

The Clagett Regatta provides selected sailors and sailing programs with a granted boat. This grant provides the selected recipients with the opportunity to experience, train, and race in adaptive sailing events. The grant provides for the use of the boat and equipment for up to 4 years. 

The Clagett Boat Grant Program is open to any North American sailor with adaptive needs with a desire to train and race, or a sailing program that has either an existing program or is looking to create a new program working with adaptive needs sailors.

Clagett 2.4mRs ready to be hoisted into the water at Sail Newport for The Clagett Regatta
RS Venture Connect sailors competing at Clagett 2018

Application Process

The Clagett Regatta is accepting applications for the Boat Grant Program. There is currently not a boat grant scheduled for the year 2020, however The Clagett Regatta’s Boat Grant Committee invites interested applicants to submit an application. Applications will be accepted, reviewed and held until a boat grant cycle is approved and scheduled by The Clagett Board. Boats will be granted based on funding and availability. After a boat has been granted it will be available to the selected individuals or program upon availability.

Past Recipients


The Y-Knot Program

Y-Knot Program sailing in a Sonar

The Sonar boat was granted in 2016 to the Y-Knot Program based in Lake George, NY. The granted Clagett Sonar has raced in The Clagett Regatta in Newport each year since receiving the boat.

The Sonar is skippered by Dave Whalen with crew Spencer Raggio and Dan Kennedy. The Sonar team has also participated in The Clagett/Oakcliff Match Racing Clinic and Regatta in Oyster Bay, NY.



Delani Hulme-Lawrence

Delani Hulme-Lawrence sailing in the Clagett 2.4mR

Delani Hulme-Lawrence, who's campaign is called Life over Limb, is the recipient of a 2.4mR boat in The Clagett's second year of the Boat Grant Program. 

At the 2018 Clagett Regatta, Delani placed eighth in the 2.4mR class and won the Larry Gadsby Most Improved Award, nominated by the coaches. 


Wendy Frazier

Wendy Frazier sailing in a 2.4mR

Wendy began sailing in 2013. In her own words, she is "a sailor in a landlocked prairie province." Wendy regularly travels from Calgary to Victoria to train and compete. In addition to the 2.4mR, she also competitively sails the Martin 16. 

Wendy is also a curler! She has been to the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships five times with Team Alberta.    


Siobhan MacDonald

Siobhan MacDonald a 2018 Clagett Boat Grant recipient

Siobhan's first competitive sailing experience was at the 2013 Clagett Regatta. She won a bronze medal in the 2.4mR class at the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

Siobhan was recently voted to be the Keelboat Captain for the Queen's University Sailing Team. In addition to sailing her 2.4mR competitively, Siobhan is the head instructor at her family's local sailing club, Sail Mabou in Nova Scotia.


Brian Peckover

Brian Peckover sailing a Martin 16

In his youth, Brian grew up sailing lasers in Montreal. Brian returned to sailing in the Able Sail program at the Nepean Yacht Club in Ontario. At the 2018 Clearwater Mobility Cup, he won gold fleet in the Martin 16.

Brian is a veteran, he served in the Canadian Armed Forces. He also enjoys skiing! 


Peter Eager

Peter Eager is a 2019 Boat Grantee

Peter Eagar, from York, Ontario, Canada, has sailed in five Clagett Regattas and won the overall C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. trophy in 2019. Peter started sailing when he was nine years old and racing about a year later in the International Shark 24 class. Between 1985 and 2003 he won the Shark Class World Championship four times.

In 2010 he was completely paralyzed by Guillain Barre Syndrome. After over one year in hospital and a second year in rehab he started sailing again. He resumed racing first in the Martin 16 fleet and then in the 2.4mR.


Erick Poirier

Erick Poirier sailing in 2015

Erick Poirier is from Repentigny, Quebec, Canada. Erick has sailed in two Clagett Regattas in the 2.4mR.

Erick “learned to sail in a Martin 16 with the Association Québécoise de Voile (AQVA) in Montreal starting in 2007 and was soon an active participant in their race training program. I discovered the 2.4mR when a fellow AQVA member, Scott Lutes, purchased one. I fell in love with the boat and eventually bought my own which I raced in several regattas, including two Clagett regattas. Unfortunately in 2015 I had to stop sailing due to health reasons. Fortunately for me my condition has improved and I am able to start sailing again. I am really looking forward to resuming training, as well as participating in regattas. I am also really looking forward to reconnecting with the 2.4mR “family” and their great camaraderie. I greatly appreciated their openness to sharing sailing advice, not to mention their patience with my English, which is limited!” remarked Poirier.


John Seepe

John Seepe is a 2019 Boat Grantee

John Seepe from is from Danville, Virginia. John is a life long sailor, starting when he was in the US Navy in Norfolk. John was hit by an Uber driver in California in November of 2018. He lost his left leg and a fair amount of the motion and strength in his left shoulder and right wrist, both of which have plates in them.

He has sailed up and down the US West Coast on a Peterson 34 he owned. He lived aboard a 42 foot Whitby ketch with his wife Michelle and was planning to take it across the Pacific prior to his accident.

Seepe has a number of regattas planned for the new boat in 2020 including the Clagett Regatta in Newport in June and in November the 2.4mR Para World Championship.

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