Delani Hulme-Lawrence sailing her Clagett granted 2.4mR

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The Clagett is committed to providing sailors with adaptive information they may need, and connect them with individuals who have specific knowledge.

To view the crowd-sourced, by sailors for sailors, adaptive website click the button below,

The Clagett has more information available on adaptive housing and transportation during The Clagett Regatta in Newport, R.I.

If you're looking for a place to sail, you can find some options on this map.


The goal of The Clagett Regatta's adaptive resource library for sailing programs and clubs is to act as a reference and support organizations and yacht clubs as they strive to open up their programs, without altering and changing the program itself, to individuals with adaptive needs. 

It is our hope this library will serve as an inclusive resource as clubs and programs endeavour to welcome sailors with adaptive needs into their programs. If you have any comments or suggestions please fill out the form below.

Boats sailing in front of the Newport Bridge

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